Tabloids and Royals

I am a republican but I do think that the Queen does a pretty good job as Head of State if she avoids dodgy advice from iffy PMs. So no great sympathy for the Royal Family in general. I do, however, have sympathy for the Duchess of Sussex when it comes to tabloid rags and their incessant negative reporting on her that, until now, she has had to just silently accept. Good for her she is fighting back now.

As an example of the purile and nonsensical attacks, this article in the Express caught my eye. They start with “In the past, the Royal Family have strictly forbidden heirs marrying divorcees. However, Meghan was welcomed into the Royal Family very quickly…” Sixty to eighty years ago maybe they disapproved of divorcees, even though the Church of England was founded to enable a divorcee to marry. This is well into the 21st Century.

Their royal “expert” said: “[Meghan and her former husband] weren’t married for very long, so there isn’t tremendous baggage… But also she didn’t have children… If she did have children with her first husband, then that really would make it quite awkward and difficult to work out.”

What the Express seem to have forgotten is that three of the Queen’s four children are divorced, after quite lengthy marriages, and all have children. Two have remarried. Indeed the heir to the throne was divorced, and is married to a divorcee with children, Camilla, who constitutionally will become Queen Camilla on the death of the current Queen. No-one cares. It isn’t awkward, and it isn’t difficult to work out. It is 2019 not 1936. The Express are just trying to make trouble for the Sussexes for no apparent legitimate reason. The Daily Express Righteous Right Readership, of course, are largely negative about Meghan in their comments, backing up the ridiculous story.

I hope the case against the Mail goes in Meghan’s favour and that the damages do enough damage to dissuade the other rags from pursuing their current vendetta and switch to fair reporting. They seem to be a nice couple, and they do good work for charity unlike many other Royal hangers-on I would happily see relegated to a council flat in Hull.