I first joined the Liberal Party in 1980 and, having flirted with the SDP and Labour, returned to voting Liberal Democrat in 2005, rejoining as a Party member in 2014.

Many of my views, whilst consistent with Liberalism as defined by Alan Paton, are in contrast to official party policy which is determined by an activist elite of less than 5% of members who can afford the time and money to attend a party conference. Hence an Independent Liberal.

This blog is a place to post my thoughts on the politics of the day without censorship or naughty step pre-moderation.

There is a reason why I have not activated direct replies on this blog. Over the years I have had my fill of battling trolls on forums, and of being moderated / bullied out of posting by site / forum administrators with their own agendas. I don’t want to the responsibility of censoring / moderating others and don’t have the time. To contact me please use the form here.

Steve Rose

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