Why You Can’t Trust the BBC News

On each page of the BBC News website there is a link to Why You Can Trust BBC News. Whilst there are more untrustworthy sources, such as the Daily Express daily warnings of blizzards and the Mail warning us about foreigners, especially that Duchess of Sussex troublemaker, the BBC is not quite as trustworthy as it would have us believe.

Take this article about Netflix. It is attempting to attack Netflix on the grounds that it declared a profit of just £2.35 million. It quotes a think tank with estimates of subscribers, revenues and profits. This think tank has an impressive team behind it, investigative journalists. But its estimates are for 2019 although the Netflix audited accounts are for 2018. The BBC, who are competitors of Netflix, appear to be deliberately misleading readers by suggesting Netflix should have paid £13 million in tax when in fact Netflix have not declared any revenues, profits or tax returns for 2019 as yet, and won’t do until October 2020. There is a Lib Dem connection too. The Director of Tax Watch, this think tank, is George Turner, formerly head of the Westminster office of the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats. Richard Brooks of Private Eye is also a Director. I would have hoped for better from that team, unless they are not party to this BBC duplicity.

Can you trust BBC News? Absolutely not. They will skew news stories to suit their agenda the same as the less reputable press.

While we’re at it, the BBC have just put up the License fee again. I won’t repeat it all again but in this post I laid down precisely why the BBC needs to be taken down a peg or ten and the licence fee abolished in favour of a subscription model.